Friday, October 28, 2011


After what seemed an eternity being chained to my computer, (our "bloglift and new magazines complete), I decided it was time to get back out in the world.  The mall seemed like the perfect place to go, I could get in a brisk walk, have lunch and people watch, something I find both interesting and relaxing.  I asked my friend Kristen to join me - people watching is more enjoyable with a partner.

I am no voyeur - just dabbling in a social experiment
After lunch we went to the Hallmark store for a card for my granddaughter's 6th birthday.

Me:  See that girl over there by the sympathy cards?
Kristen:  Yeah, another nose picker?
Me:  So I pointed out how some people think their invisible and pick there nose in public, I am talking
         about what she's doing with the cards after she reads them.
Kristen:  She probably works here.
Me:  No, she turns them backwards before she puts them back in the slot.
Kristen:  Hmm, that's weird huh?
Me:  Yes -  it -  is.

Card girl
A short while later.......                                                                       

Kristen:  Where are you going?
Me:  Card girl is leaving!
Kristen:  So?
Me:  We're going to follow her a bit.
Kristen:  What? What about your card?
Me:  Later
Kristen:  You're a freakin' psycho stalker - did you know that?
Me:  Hurry
Kristen:  Why?
Me:  I want to see where she's going!
Kristen:  Why?

Bird watching - People watching , what's the difference?  
Okay so Kristen clearly does not share the same interest in people watching as I do, but we all people watch to some degree, (don't say you don't).  There are a number of reasons I people watch, but the main impetus is observing how other people live and behave and guessing at their motivations and life stories.  People watching restores my childlike sense of wonder for a short time.  Granted I might take my "hobby" further than most by following someone that peques my interest but I remain non-judgmental, unobtrusive and never interfere with my subject.  The moment you do any of these the spell is broken and you are no longer people watching you are interacting.

Back to Card Girl

Me:  Will you keep up?  We'er going to lose her!
Kristen:  Are you serious?
Me:  Yeeeeesssss---

At this point Kristen and I had followed card girl through Forever 21 and a jewelry store where she looked at men's watches and gold chains.  Then she stopped for a hot pretzel and sat down on a bench nearby - and so did we.  After card girl finished her snack she pulled an organizer from her purse and wrote in it, after which she tucked it back into her purse and was on the move again.

Me:  Lets go.
Kristen:  How long are you going to keep this up?
Me:  Do you have babies crying for you at home?  Don't you what to see where she goes next?
Kristen:  No.  And not really.
Me:  Why do you suppose she turned the cards over?  Who's the guy getting the jewelry - and what was
          card girl writing about in her organizer?

There was a period of silence as we continued to follow card girl.  Then -

Kristen:  Maybe she turned the cards over because she wanted to make sure she didn't read them
                twice.  Card girl is pretty young so the sympathy card was probably for a friend of hers who's
                parent passed away.

She finally got it!!

Me:  What about the jewelry store?
Kristen:  For her boyfriend - - -maybe it was one of his parents that passed and card girl thought she'd
                buy him a watch to cheer him up?
Me:  Really?  Would you be cheered up if you received a watch  after the passing of one of your
Kristen:  Well no, but if it were a far as what she was writing?  No clue.  Look she's
                going into the tattoo shop!
Me:  Really?  They have a tattoo shop in the mall?  I need to get out more.
Kristen:  Now what?  We going in and getting a tattoo?

So ended our time with card girl and on the way back to the car-------

Me:  I don't think anyone in card girl's life has passed.  The sympathy cards were a metaphor for the end of her relationship with her boyfriend. She turned the cards over signifying her letting him go.  The watch or chain is for the new guy she's seeing.  She ate a pretzel because she was hungry and wrote to remind herself to get her teeth whitened.  The visit to the tattoo shop was to have her ex-boyfriends name reworked to look like a rose.
The possible scenarios are endless, don't you think?
Kristen:  Deep, Robin, very deep.