Friday, March 2, 2012


In the endless search for an end to our plumpness, we have tried boring one-note diets; i.e. The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, etc., the boring elimination diets; i.e. The No-Protein just Carbs Diet, The No-Carbs just Protein Diet, and that all-time favorite The No Food Diet (fasting).

So, what's the problem with all of the above?  Two words, BORING and TRIED.

Unless you've had a lobotomy, BORING is a sure-fire way to induce you to give up on any 'diet', and the word TRIED is simply a beforehand excuse for failure.

If your aim is to actually lose the muffin top for a lifetime (rather than just fitting into that little black dress in time for the class reunion), you have to learn to eat in a satisfying, sensible way and overcome your addiction to fatty, sugary foods.  

Eat things you love to eat and forget there was ever a place called McDonalds. A Big Mac, fries and a shake is quite possibly the worst food you could eat, with the exception of the 'healthier' Chicken McNuggets our children have been brain-washed to love by TV ads and, shamefully, by our school system.  There is not one redeeming quality to any of it.

Cut out the crap and after a while you will rediscover the taste of real food. Once your abused taste buds have recovered from the numbing effects of too much fat, sugar, salt and chemicals, you will start to enjoy the simpler, whole unprocessed foods that your body craves.

Just take the money you would have spent on a Happy Meal (happy for Mickey D's not for your kid's body) and take your child to a Farmer's Market.  Let them see what food looks like that doesn't come in a box with a cheap toy made in China. Let them pick out an interesting looking fruit or vegetable, then let them help you prepare it for dinner.  The love for real food won't come overnight, but it will come if you persist.

Get rid of your muffin top and, at the same time, keep your kids from ever having one.