Saturday, February 25, 2012


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Put a mirror on the table and watch yourself eat.  Studies have shown that people who watch themselves eat, ate considerably less than those who did not.  Hmm.  Wonder why?  Could the old conscience be kicking in?

Am I Blue?

The color blue makes food look unappetizing.  Put a blue light in your fridge and in the light over your dining table.  It's not surprising that restaurants have a Blue Plate Special..  Their customers eat less.

 Oink, oink

Use visualization.  Picture a piggy at the slop trough.


 ThinkYourself Thin

  Picture a square of chocolate (dark chocolate, of course).  Close your eyes and see yourself opening the package and removing one square of chocolate.  Hold it up to your nose and inhale the rich aroma.  Now imagine taking a small nibble off the corner of the square.  Don't chew it, just let it slowly melt on your tongue. Feel the silky texture.  Roll it around your mouth until it disappears.  Continue taking small bites and slowly, slowly finish your chocolate square.

People who used this visualization technique were satisfied with only one or two squares of chocolate, because their satiety level was so reduced. 

If all else fails, get a roll of duct tape; tear off about 8 inches of it and press it firmly over your mouth.