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OVER 40? - SO WHAT! is a weight loss, health and beauty related news blog, sort of, written and edited by founding partners, Doris Long and Robin Lapp, with occasional posts and magazine articles by contributing writers.  

LIFE-STYLE and FAB- FASHION & BEAUTY are free, on-line magazines, also written and edited by Doris Long and Robin Lapp and occasional contributing writers.  Blog topics and magazine articles include general health news, nutrition, fitness, aging, fashion, beauty and whatever else the authors happen to feel like writing on any given day. 

REVIEWS:  The editors and contributors of OVER 40? - SO WHAT! and the LIFE-STYLE and FAB - FASHION & BEAUTY magazines review products, books, etc. related to health, beauty, clothing, gadgets and technology.  We are always honest about our impressions, so keep that in mind when asking us to review your product.  For information on reviews, contact us at over40andcounting@yahoo.com.   (Please note that submission of a product does not guarantee inclusion and, unless otherwise agreed upon, will not be returned.)

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