Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here goes the crusader again!  Our crusade today is the avalanche of Genetically Modified food that is overtaking our markets.  Ever since those busy little scientists started tinkering with cross-species genetics, i.e. Monsanto bringing us RoundUp resistant crops, etc., it has become more and more of a challenge to find foods that haven't been tinkered with.  The FDA is currently deciding whether or not these foods should be labeled as GMO.  (Why  should that even be a question?)

For those of you who want to know which foods are non-GMO - yes there still are some - you can download a PDF booklet that gives you a list of all the presently  non-modified foods that are available.   Download it, print it off, and take it with you when you grocery shop.

Our advice?  If ain't in the booklet don't eat it.