Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This morning I was over at Mighty Girl's blog, checking the status of her "Mighty Life List - 100 Things To Do Before I Go".  After catching up on the most recent adventure Mighty Girl had crossed off her list, I called Doris suggesting that we write our own Bucket List.

After laughing hysterically at ridiculous possibilities, we decided that neither of us would write a lengthy list of  things we knew we would NEVER be able to accomplish - or afford - and write a smaller, more doable, PAIL LIST.

Robin's List

Learn sign language; spend a white Christmas with my family in a mountain cabin; learn to tango; clean the refrigerator ( just wanted to have something crossed off my list); win anything; see the northern lights; get a complete makeover; learn to play the piano; write a book; conquer my biggest fear; quit smoking; get rid of the "old fart" transportation & purchase a new car; go to the Washoe House; have a month's worth of blog posts written in advance; learn french; nap in a hammock.

Doris' List
Ride a zip line in Costa Rica or Orlando or Gainesville (I notice that most of these involve walking across a rope bridge - which might make me reconsider);
finally learn Spanish (I've had the CDs for six years now, but still only know how to say hello, goodbye and where's the bathroom - from the first 5 minutes of the first CD); ride in a hot air balloon; spend a long weekend at a luxury spa; get a mini-face lift (I need major surgery, but I'll settle); write a book; buy a Prius; take a computer course and learn to use Photoshop.

After we do all these things, we'll start a new list.  Funny, now that we've written them down it has inspired us to actually start on them.

What's on your Pail List?

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Over 2000 years ago people believed in the "laying on of hands" to heal many maladies.  Although energy healers are still around, our more cynical "prove it" attitude tends to chalk up any improvements in physical condition to a placebo effect.

Ta-Da!  Enter quantum physics and cell biology research.

A concept in quantum physics called "entanglement" is when one energy source entangles with another so that they interfere with each other.  For instance, if you have a few pendulum clocks hanging on the wall and start them off at different times, after a while they will all swing in synchronicity.

In cell biology research, heart cells in a Petri dish will soon start beating in rhythm even when they aren't touching each other.

When you start to think about it, it's common knowledge that when a group of women are living together, eventually their menstrual cycles will coincide.

Some of the above information is from an interview done by Meryl Davis Landau.  The subject of the interview is Bruce Lipton, PhD., author of "The Biology of Belief" and "Spontaneous Evolution".  Dr. Lipton has worked as a cell biologist and as a professor at the National Institutes of Health, Stanford and the University of Wisconsin.  Read the complete interview at http://www.care2.com/greenliving/how-energy-healing-happens-even-over-the-phone.html

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


In the event you didn't think religion had a sense of humor.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bizarre Pet Gifts

With Christmas on the horizon, here are some ideas for gifts for the pet in your life.

Don't get one for your Great Dane

For the Rodeo Drive shopper

Feline Masseuses
Who wouldn't enjoy a nice massage for a gift?

Don't forget your hamster!  Give him the gift of freewheeling all over the house.

Maybe a course in Transcendental

Meditation for kitty

What dog wouldn't want
yoga lessons?


Finally, what wouldn't our feathered friends give for their own flight suit, complete with poop pouch, that gives them freedom from their cage to fly about the house.  No more parakeet poop on your shoulder either.

All these items are available online, so get your orders in early.  May you all, human, 4-legged, feathered and finned have a very Merry Christmas