Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This morning I was over at Mighty Girl's blog, checking the status of her "Mighty Life List - 100 Things To Do Before I Go".  After catching up on the most recent adventure Mighty Girl had crossed off her list, I called Doris suggesting that we write our own Bucket List.

After laughing hysterically at ridiculous possibilities, we decided that neither of us would write a lengthy list of  things we knew we would NEVER be able to accomplish - or afford - and write a smaller, more doable, PAIL LIST.

Robin's List

Learn sign language; spend a white Christmas with my family in a mountain cabin; learn to tango; clean the refrigerator ( just wanted to have something crossed off my list); win anything; see the northern lights; get a complete makeover; learn to play the piano; write a book; conquer my biggest fear; quit smoking; get rid of the "old fart" transportation & purchase a new car; go to the Washoe House; have a month's worth of blog posts written in advance; learn french; nap in a hammock.

Doris' List
Ride a zip line in Costa Rica or Orlando or Gainesville (I notice that most of these involve walking across a rope bridge - which might make me reconsider);
finally learn Spanish (I've had the CDs for six years now, but still only know how to say hello, goodbye and where's the bathroom - from the first 5 minutes of the first CD); ride in a hot air balloon; spend a long weekend at a luxury spa; get a mini-face lift (I need major surgery, but I'll settle); write a book; buy a Prius; take a computer course and learn to use Photoshop.

After we do all these things, we'll start a new list.  Funny, now that we've written them down it has inspired us to actually start on them.

What's on your Pail List?

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  1. this is great, I love it...a pail list...I'm thinking...! Wishing you both a Happy New Year!


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