Sunday, January 22, 2012


We never fail to be astounded by the inventiveness of big corporations.  Take Monsanto, for instance (please).  They manufacture Roundup the all-purpose herbicide for weed control.  It worked great on weeds, but it also did a number on crops.

Was Monsanto defeated?  Hell, no.  After 
all, this was the corporation (along with
Dow Chemical) that brought us Agent
Orange, the defoliant used in the Vietnam

Monsanto went into their laboratories, did a little creative gene engineering and developed crops that were Roundup resistant.  Now farmers not only had to buy these genetically modified seeds, but the only weed killer they could use was ROUNDUP.

But weeds are stubborn little survivors and became resistant to the herbicide, so now farmers had to use more and more of it.  Now farmers are being advised 
to use increasingly powerful mixtures of multiple
herbicides and not Roundup alone.  No wonder our farmers are going broke.

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