Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To Look Good When You're Up To Your Elbows in Turkey Guts!

It's Thanksgiving morning and here you are.  All those things that could be done ahead are in the fridge, ready to be finished off during the last hour before dinner.  Unfortunately, the turkey wasn't thawed out until last night and, in your infinite wisdom, you decided that - what the heck - you'll take care of cleaning and preparing it in the morning.

You've dragged yourself from your warm bed before the sun comes up, because the family likes to get here early to "help" (by getting a good start on the wine).  Although the bird is waiting for your attention ("Why, oh why, didn't I do this last night."), if you don't get yourself presentable first, you'll have bed head and grody teeth when your guests arrive.

Quickly hop into the shower (you should have done that last night, too), wash your hair, brush your teeth and apply moisturizer to your face while blow drying your hair.  Put concealer on those dark circles under your eyes and do a reasonable makeup job.  Nobody will notice you're not wearing eye shadow - just put your sunglasses on.

Now get dressed in your holiday finery and pull a huge tee shirt on over everything.  This is important because you never spill gravy down your bosom when you're wearing scuzzy clothes, but good clothes are a magnet.

You're ready!  Put on some plastic gloves and pull the guts out of that bird!

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  1. hey that sounds familiar...a memory from the past when I used to do Thanksgiving dinner for the family


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