Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Technology is wonderful and nobody appreciates that fact more than the Chinese.  In their never ending quest to produce more food for their burgeoning population, to say nothing of their food imports to the U.S, they may finally have stepped over the line.

Like our food manufacturers, the Chinese are great proponents of growth hormones to speed up the growth of crops, animals and anything else that they can think of.  In their zest, they neglected to educate some of their farmers in the proper use of these chemicals.  As a result, many small farmers have been busily running around their fields injecting too much growth hormones into their crops during the wrong part of the season.
They created Frankenmelons that suddenly spontaneously exploded, splitting their rinds and covering their fields with a riotous blanket of red, oozing watermelon pulp.

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  1. well woohoo for the Frankenfarmers of China!


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