Friday, February 17, 2012


Let's give a big 'Hip, Hip, Hooray' to our food scientists who, with the help of the wonders of chemistry, provide us with 17,000 new foodlike products each year.  Many of these new yummies are supplemented with a dizzying array of vitamins and minerals to keep us in tip-top shape.  Even thought that shape is round, they want us to know that they are taking care of us.  The fact that they have to add these supplements because their processing has stripped most of the nutrients from the base foods (mostly corn and soy) that they spring from, is merely a footnote on the page of progress.

Buy this - it's good for you!

These foodlike substitutes  (as distinguished from real food) have taken over your friendly neighborhood supermarket.  The 32 BILLION dollars per year that the food industry spends on marketing these substances has convinced many of us that this is a healthy way to eat.

What would Grandma say?

Is it an easier way to eat?  You bet it is.  Why would you spend time cooking up some steel cut organic oatmeal for breakfast when you can tear open a handy packet of maple and brown sugar flavored instant oats and add some boiling water.  It's all oats, right?  WOW!  Grandma would be thrilled to have all that extra time for the computer or the TV.  What's that Grandma?  Oh, don't be so old-fashioned.

Ya just gotta eat more

This is energy-dense food - not nutrient-dense food.  Even most of the whole foods we can purchase are only as good as the soil they are grown in.  The new commercial farming methods - which feel that crop rotation is unnecessary and chemical fertilizers and pesticides are the way to go - have produced food that is nutrient deficient.   The more nutrient deficient the food you eat, the more your body will demand - just to get enough to function - often minimally at best.  And we wonder why we're fat.

Y'all come back now

I could go on and on (yes, even more than I have already).  There are books galore on the subject and I'll be referencing some of them in future posts, but for now just realize that you need to find a remote place miles from civilization and grow everything yourself.  Fish from crystal clear streams,hunt wild game and pick mushrooms and nutritious weeds.  What do you mean there are no more places like that.  Don't be such a pessimist.

If you'd like a list of non-GMO foods to help with your shopping list, you can download this nifty little booklet for free.


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  2. so what's a hungry person to do I know every fruit and vegetable (and seed)I buy hasn't been genetically modified? I am growing things on my patio now...I've got onions and lettuce growing and soon will have a tomato and herbs and okra and anything else I can fit in a container of some sort and make grow in out tropical paradise (and summer heat)! And I'm going to be looking for seeds that haven't been tampered with!


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