Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So, off I went to visit my daughter for a week.  I don't go there very often because she and her brood affect me negatively - calorie-wise, but I missed them all terribly and figured, wrongly, that I wouldn't do anything stupid in just 5 days.

No. 2 grandson has a lofty position in a classy seafood restaurant, so we went there for dinner the first night I arrived.  The food was fabulous - as was the two glasses of wine I consumed.  Please understand that I no longer indulge in my favorite pastime of a glass or two of wine each evening at 5 PM.  It had actually been over 4 months since I had anything stronger than green tea, but this was an occasion!

The trouble with wine is not the alcohol, it is what the alcohol makes me do.  No, I don't tear off my clothes and dance with abandon around the room, but I make very poor choices food-wise.  But, as I said, this was a special occasion and I knew that tomorrow I would return to my close-to-vegetarian ways and be redeemed.  I even brought much of my food with me to daughter's house to be sure that I would follow the path to health.  

This really worked for the next two days, then friends came to visit and it would have been unsociable to not have a drink with them - or two.  That's really all I had, but it was enough to lead to an orgy of pretzels, pizza and three really tasty chocolate donut holes.  

To make a long story short (I know, too late) in 5 short days I managed to pack on two pounds.  I also did not sleep well and had heartburn.  I sincerely hope I learned my lesson and will, in the future, be able to resist that second glass of wine.  I'm back home again and back on the stay-skinny wagon, never to fall off again (you read it here).


  1. Two pounds, that's it? Count your blessings, if it were me to indulge like that it'd be at minimum 5, if not 10 pounds. Two is nothing in the bigger picture of life, not in my opinion.

  2. I'm with darlin....I think you must have done something right in order to gain only 2 lbs, which I KNOW you'll have drop off in no time flat!!! Have a wonderful week, be kind to yourself!


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