Thursday, March 15, 2012

Energy efficient CFL light bulbs - what everyone should know

With thermometers, fluorescent bulbs & energy saving CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) --- Short of calling the Haz-mat team to your home when one has broken it's important to be aware  of the "Clean-up" protocol and the effects these  mercury containing household items have on our  health and environment.

Investigate Magazine warns 
"The real cost is not one light bulb breakage, but how badly affected homes will be after 20 years of amateur attempts to clean up one of the deadliest neurotoxins on the planet. A generation of children crawling on mercury-infested carpets would give new meaning to the phrase, "dumbed-down". 

Check out page 4 of our March issue of LIFE-STYLE magazine for guidelines on properly "cleaning-up" and disposing of these light bulbs. Be patient the magazine will load in a moment or so. 


  1. I think I still have a couple...of course wasn't overly thrilled with these 'cause of the price and fluorescence (one of my migraine triggers). It's bad enough if one breaks in a persons home what about the landfill where there're hundreds, thousands, millions of the things? What it boils down to is, there are no fixes for environmental problems EXCEPT for human beings to start giving up all the stuff to which they've become accustomed! All the fixes the scientist/big business come up with cause more problems than they fix and cost the consumer more money to buy and more money to resolve the issues.

  2. I love your covers SO many topics and issues. Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!


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