Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our esteemed politicians are at it again.  Both Florida and Utah now have bills pending that would make it a first degree misdemeanor to take photos, video or audio recordings of a farm or agricultural operation without previous written consent.  Sen. Jim Norman tried to push this through last year, making it a felony.  It didn't pass then, so now he's reintroducing it by sneaking it into a larger agricultural bill (SB1184).

If you are concerned about being kept in the dark about what goes on in producing the food you and your children eat, there is petition that you can sign to let the Florida Senate know your feelings.  Click on this link .

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  1. Yuck, yuck, yuck. The pink slime story makes me consider being a vegetarian. But I like meat too much :) so I'm now SUPER careful where I buy my meat, and am willing to spend a bit more if I know where it comes from. Thanks so much for bringing this issue to the forefront some more. Have a great day!!!


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